Meet Mara

Mara Graff  is a "get your sh*t together" consultant, specializing in teaching new and stuck small business owners the relationship building skills needed to grow their businesses authentically; taking spam out of expanding a business on social media. 

Mara has a knack for coaching using basic systems that are simple and duplicatable. Her popular course and challenge *make sh*t happen* also dubbed her the "make sh*t happen" coach spreading authenticity all over social media.  

Mara has been in the direct sales industry for 7+ years and reached the top .6% of her last company using the "make sh*t happen" tasks and systems she teaches.  

🌟 Mara loves to cuss and her favorite curse word starts with the letter F (with sh*t being a close second!

🌟 Mara laughs loud and hard and inappropriate humor is her love language

🌟 Mara hates, not just a little but A LOT βž‘️ hates to cook. She does it mostly because the humans in her house need to eat, but there is zero enjoyment. period. 

🌟 Mara has been married for 21 years;  hitting year 22 on NYE 2020 

🌟 Mara has 3 awesome kids; 1 bonus son in addition to her bio son and daughter (all over the age of 18 ❣️) 

🌟 Mara has a dog, Jack πŸ’• (he is in charge but sh!!....don't tell him)  

🌟 Mara loves a well placed hashtag and overuse them #mostofthetime #always 

🌟 Mara thinks F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the best show ever and has withdrawals since Netflix took it away (Monica is her favorite most of the time with Chandler a close second)

🌟Mara has a fascination with mugs, candles, pillows and funny T-shirts 

🌟 Mara is obsessed with making new friends and getting to know them (some of her all time favorite people and best friends she met on social media β£οΈ

πŸ”₯ Mission: Impact business minded women all over the world using systems to grow a business with authenticity, connection and love.
πŸ’₯ Values: Deliver a way to connect, owning your authentic identity and living a life with a passion for self worth


"I've found that more people are seeing my info because I'm following her simple plan - so easy to follow and maintain" 

β€” Kristin Martin, make sh*t happen challenge
β€œSince doing the challenge, my personal sales have been at least $2000 for the last 2 months, I have 4 members in my down line and promoted....”

β€” Tara Murphy, make sh*t happen challenge
β€œShe was able to quickly help me identify areas where I was holding myself back in my small business and helped me build critical skills in order to grow.  She customized a system for me, which I was able to employ immediately and I am thrilled to report I am now more consistent and efficient due to her laser focused expertise”

β€” Jennifer Robertson, 1:1 consulting (time management)